Smart Kalasatama Innovators’ Club

The Innovators’ Club introduced in the Smart Kalasatama project is an innovation community and collaboration network for the local actors involved and other partners such as smart city solution developers, academia and the innovation sector as well as the residents. The common vision of the Smart Kalasatama project “One more hour a day” was co-created early in the project and served as a shared aim for all the partners to be tailored to serve their own objectives.

Over the years, a large number of partners have participated in the development work, each bringing their expertise, contacts and resources. The key task of Smart Kalasatama lab has been to maintain these networks, carry out innovation processes, share results, and launch new ideas in the role of facilitator. In cooperation, the network has created potential futures that will become a reality over the years.

Typical programme within an Innovators’ Club event introduced ongoing smart city pilots and projects, new initiatives and experiences from agile pilots run in the district. The physical events provided face-to-face meetings and supported the generation of new partnerships and networks. In a district-based urban lab, the events often took place in newly opened buildings (e.g. school or health center), to allow their introduction to the wider network.

As the entire district forms a test environment for piloting new services, an active local innovation community also helped in introducing them in the area, by linking them to their own ongoing activities, identifying and engaging the right stakeholders and sharing the learnings and results.