Street smarts: call for agile pilots now open

The Helsinki Innovation Districts project is seeking new smart lighting and street space analytics solutions via an open call for agile pilots. The call will remain open until 30 November 2021.

Propose your solution for the agile piloting programme: The Helsinki Innovation Districts project is seeking bold and inventive smart lighting and street space analytics solutions that make use of smart technologies to improve the pleasantness and safety of the urban environment. The maximum value of an individual pilot is EUR 15,000 (VAT 0%). The number of pilots procured will be 2–5, and all of the pilots will be carried out simultaneously.

The aim of agile pilots is to facilitate the development of good concepts into service innovations and new business. The proposed solutions will be tested in a real urban environment for a period of a few months.

The Helsinki Innovation Districts project will help launch the pilots, find suitable places for them and communicate about them. In addition to this, implementers will be provided with assistance in regard to reaching out to users and co-developing solutions with residents and experts.

What we are looking for

The goal of the pilot programme is to gain information on new and innovative lighting solutions that are especially well-suited to short-term and temporary guidance needs, such as indicating routes for events, marking construction sites or other short-term signage.

In addition to this, the goal is to learn about new technologies for collecting data from street spaces to support city planning and increase understanding of how these kinds of data collection methods could be incorporated into lighting infrastructure in the future.

Individual pilots do not need to fulfil all of these goals to be included in the pilot programme.

Solutions to be piloted could include, for example:

  • Smart lighting solutions that are controlled with the help of sensor measurements while also serving as a platform for other IoT solutions.
  • Works of light art that also serve as a platform for IoT solutions.
  • Smart lighting solutions that improve the pleasantness of public spaces by way of play or art, for example.
  • IoT and analytics solutions that verify the conditions of a given area.
  • Solutions that verify the number and direction of travel of people and vehicles.
  • Temporary smart lighting solutions that communicate changes in the street space, such as temporary routes, construction sites and events.

Malmi and Malminkartano to be used as testbeds

The districts of Malminkartano and Malmi will serve as the testbeds for the solutions to be piloted. These districts offer diverse environments for testing new services and products. Significant re-development is planned for both districts in the coming years, with the pilots intended to forecast upcoming changes.

The solutions to be piloted will provide user feedback, insight and practical experience. They will provide the companies carrying out the pilots and the City with information on what kind of solutions could work in Malmi, Malminkartano and elsewhere in Helsinki.

See the introductory videos for Malmi and Malminkartano.

Propose a pilot!

The information event was held on 8 November 2021 at 15:00–16:00. Watch the recording!

Check the open call for the pilot procurement (in Finnish)
Propose a pilot using the form (in Finnish)

The pilots selected to participate in the programme will be announced in December and carried out by the end of May. This is the first open call for pilots of the Helsinki Innovation Districts project.

The Helsinki Innovation Districts project is being carried out by Forum Virium Helsinki and the City of Helsinki.

Helsinki Innovation Districts is bringing pilot projects to and driving smart urban development in Malmi, Mellunkylä, Malminkartano-Kannelmäki and Pasila. The project is being carried out by Forum Virium Helsinki and the City of Helsinki’s Urban Development unit.