Liveable Neighbourhoods

Helsinki renews through pilots

The Helsinki Innovation Districts project is involved in developing the City of Helsinki suburban regeneration areas of Malminkartano-Kannelmäki, Mellunkylä and Malmi. The project will bring various experiments to the areas, such as smart lighting and green oases.

Suburban regeneration is a new operating model by the City of Helsinki to improve the comfort and attractiveness of old residential areas and enable high-quality urban infill. Malminkartano-Kannelmäki, Malmi and Mellunkylä have been selected as pilot areas for the model.

The suburban regeneration is based on Helsinki’s goal to be a city where neighbourhoods are not segregated and where every neighbourhood is a safe, pleasant and positively distinctive place to live. Suburban regeneration is a tool that Helsinki is using to achieve this strategic goal and to enable the equality and wellbeing of its neighbourhoods.

Agile pilots support suburban regeneration

The Helsinki Innovation Districts project is working in the suburban regeneration areas conducting agile pilots, such as movable green oases and smart lighting. The project is all about creating solutions and services that make everyday life easier for residents, create new opportunities for companies and contribute to Helsinki’s goal of becoming carbon neutral.

The pilots will seek new solutions for Malmi, Mellunkylä, Malminkartano-Kannelmäki and Pasila, but also for the rest of Helsinki. For example, if the few-months-long pilots carried out in Malminkartano prove successful, the same or similar solutions may be introduced across the city.

Information will also be available on the Helsinki Innovation Districts and City of Helsinki websites, as well as our pop-up premises in Malminkartano in spring and summer 2022.

Once a pilot is underway, it will be announced on site with this sign.

The Helsinki Innovation Districts project is being carried out by Forum Virium Helsinki and the City of Helsinki’s Urban Development unit.