Games and hangouts – pilots in Mellunkylä during summer 2023

More places and activities for children and young people are needed in Mellunkylä. In summer 2023, these will be sought through pilots. The pilots start officially on Helsinki Day, 12.6. and continue until autumn.

The experiments are part of The Child-Friendly Municipality work.

FlyAR Augmented Reality Studio Oy: BALLZ – Digital Ball Game 

FlyAR Augmented Reality Studio Oy, which focuses on augmented reality (AR) solutions, produces an interactive and playful “BALLZ!” game that can be played in front of the Kontula library on Snapchat.

In “BALLZ!”, players can play with large three-dimensional balls that collide with each other and the city space. AR content also includes surprising obstacles.

The experiment strives to determine whether local young people find the AR content brought to the city exciting and what kind of AR content they want to see. With the help of a functional and fun example, the aim is also to arouse the imagination and interest of the youth.


1. Scan the Snap code with the Snapchat app and click Lens to open.

2. Look at the round mural with the BALLZ!-Lens from about 5 meters away and then look around with the device. Snapchat recognises the environment and anchors the 3D BALLZ game to the environment.

3. Try to get as many balls into the goal as possible! By pressing the screen, you can poke the balls when you are close enough to them. Balls can also be “transported” by walking with them.

4. Watch out for obstacles that derail the ball!

5. Have fun and challenge your friends to beat your High Score!

Creaamo: Challenge game in an urban environment

Creaamo, which specialises in learning and education solutions, designs a mobile game that takes place in an urban environment. The game encourages 9-15-year-olds to safely explore their local neighbourhood and get to know the services and sites. Mobile games are implemented on the platform.

The game in Kontula is aimed at middle schoolers, while the Mellunmäki game is aimed at elementary schoolers. The game aimed at younger children is meant to be played together with an adult. The games are created in cooperation with children in the area as part of school education and the activities of the community centre Me-talo Meltsi.

Remember to keep your location on while playing.

Random Kontula

The Random Kontula game has challenges all around Kontula. Walk, cycle, or take a scooter. Don’t expect any logic in the game. Whoever has the best luck wins. Or who is the most random.

Play the game at:

Enter pin code: 8C4846

The Mystery of Meltsi

One of Mellunmäki’s subways has run away, oh no!

Metro has only left behind the following message: “Hi there! I got tired of the schedules and started looking for a new home. Don’t try to find me!!”

Find out where the Melts subway has mysteriously disappeared!

Play the game at:

Enter pin code: 8B594F

RaivioBumann: Pop-up space

Local children and young people have wished for nice hangouts where you can organise small-scale events, spend time or eat snacks in Mellunkylä. RaivioBumann, specialising in participatory urban design, implements two pop-up spaces to Mellunkylä with Parkly furniture.

The pop-ups will be in front of Kontula Library and Mellunmäki Square, where there will also be a skateable module. The pop-ups offer places to hang out and play. The design takes into account the wishes and ideas of local children, which have been collected in idea and illustration workshops.