20 metrics for urban space experimentation

The Experimentation Evaluation Toolkit offers 20 metrics for observing urban space from different perspectives. It is collected for living labs use. 

The Experimentation Evaluation Toolkit is meant to be used in a living lab context to collect data from urban space experiments. It instructs what data can be collected with each metric and how to gather data online or on-site. 

The Metrics have been tested in an urban living lab in Malmi, Helsinki, during the summer 2022. They were used to observe and analyze the area from different perspectives. 

The goal was to build a set of tools that can be used in the future to evaluate experimentation in urban environments: The Experimentation Evaluation Toolkit. Anyone working with urban space experimentation can now use the metrics. 

The toolkit was carried out as part of the Nordic Healthy Cities project and produced by Miltton and SpinUnit together with Fiksu kaupunki – Helsinki Innovation Districts team.

The toolkit provides the framework to gain comparable data from the pilots in the Helsinki Innovation District.

Download the Experimentation Evaluation Toolkit
Photo: Lauri Rotko / Helsinki Material Bank